Starting from
$280.00 USD

2TB, 5TB, Unlimited

Storage drive for your office files with .cloud domain
All your files and folders can be synced using Backup & Sync from Google.
With Google Drive to manage your unlimited space.
Create and manage Shared drives with permissions to other users you wish to add from your primary CloudOffice account.
Access your files globally.
Backup and restore your data from anywhere.
Use any backup software that supports Google Drive to take backups from servers or any devices.
A single email account from Google Cloud with unlimited space.
Access Google Cloud Drive with a drive letter.
Access all shared drives created under Google Cloud Drive.

Fully branded.
Cloud service with your own domain name ending with .cloud

Our Engineers provide you TeamViewer Support & training>

Included With Every Plan

  • FILE SYNC : Google Drive sync with no limits
  • SHARED DRIVES : Create and share as many shared drives with user permissions with google user accounts
  • USER PERMISSIONS : Add rights to Google account users as manager, normal user with add and edit, contributor, view only etc
  • CLOUD BACKUP : Take real time backup of all your computers sync with cloud drive. Selected drives, documents, videos, music files etc.
  • SHARE & SYNC : Create folders and provide access to other users with permission, so that user with their google account can sync files stored under cloud.
  • SERVER BACKUPS : Take backup of your servers using any supported backup software.
  • EMAIL ACCOUNT : An email account will be available with unlimited space which can be used for your business purpose with Google Gmail. For Business and Enterprise users, it will be under your own domain name registered under CloudOffice.
  • OFFICE DOCUMENTS : Create, view, edit, delete and manage your office files on cloud with Google Docs. You will be able to manage your files with PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
  • MANAGE ON CLOUD : All you need to manage your office on cloud with user permissions and sharing options under your own monitored space.